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Sforzin has over 40 years of experience in the creation of innovative products, both modern and classic. Design and development are carried out with the proper balance between functionality and aesthetic sensitivity, which lie at the heart of the Sforzin philosophy. Over the years, several products have become icons in the the company’s collection. These articles can still be found in the catalogue in both the classic line and the modern collection. A careful selection of materials, product quality and innovative functions distinguish every Sforzin product and convey its unique design. At present, the world of Sforzin is expressed in three catalogues - Urban, Style and Tecno - which communicate using a single language called “Design”.


In 2006, the brand expanded its collaboration to include 12 light designers who work side-by-side with architects and designers on the development and creation of refined products. In their work, they place strong emphasis on searching for innovative solutions that meet popular requirements for appearance and function. Sforzin Illuminazione considers project design to be a sharing of skills, experiences and visions that lead to an effective dialogue between diverse expressions of space, light and material. This successful collaboration has enabled Sforzin Illuminazione to forge a strong bond between “design” and the company’s products. A good example is the Joyo line, which was created with a combination of Samuel Codegoni’s innovative design and the extensive research of Sforzin Illuminazione into the quality of the materials. For the first time, Sforzin Illuminazione is producing a lamp that not only was conceived to perform its original function, but also is equipped with a USB port to create a product with 3 functions: illumination, USB device charging and valet tray. The company offers tools with a simple design and immediate serviceability that are ready to furnish and provide light to the spaces where people live every day.


Sforzin Illuminazione employs qualified partners for producing its components and for finding the most noble materials, so it can develop products that stand out for their technical quality. In an original alliance, the company’s attitude toward technology is closely associated with craftsmanship that follows a time-honoured tradition. This is the identity of Sforzin Illuminazione - a company that consistently experiments with innovative, advanced materials to create products that offer unexpected visual perceptions, while maintaining performance at the very highest levels.


Sforzin Illuminazione focuses on the quality of the materials and on the standards in production. The kind of excellence expressed by the company cannot be improvised. It stems from a careful selection of raw materials, which must ensure maximum reliability and offer unique characteristics. Such stringent supervision is exerted step after step throughout the entire production process to create products with exceptionally high quality. All components are designed to weigh as little as possible and to be contained in the product without compromising its design. These quality standards are applied to all the products in every collection, from models with shapes that are simple and minimal, to items which are more innovative in form, style and the use of more refined materials.


We believe that the fruits of our effort to create unique products deserve to be offered on major world markets. We work - and continue to be committed to our work - with the conviction that our products should accompany a growing number of people in 35 countries around the world. The Sforzin Illuminazione brand on each collection signifies new, world-class products with superior quality and appearance that are offered on the most important markets on the international scene.


Sforzin Illuminazione pays the same degree of attention to its customers and to their satisfaction. Its organisation offers a sales service that is sensitive to the needs of both professionals and ordinary buyers, and aims to provide the highest level of quality. A well-stocked warehouse enables the company to fill a wide range of orders - from the supply of individual pieces to more intricate requests - with service that meets customers' expectations.

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