Our history


The company is founded in 1966 through the unrelenting efforts and determination of founder Guido Sforzin, together with his wife Carmen Biasin.


Their sons Marco and Giorgio join the management team of Sforzin Illuminazione and contribute a young, dynamic vision of the company’s organisational structure.


A new, completely renovated and expanded headquarters opens in Paderno Dugnano. The new building represents more than 40 years of activity and of the business skills of those who have created unique products with a classic and modern look. That same year marks the beginning of Sforzin's "CoDesign": ongoing collaboration with a select group of light designers who would develop new products with innovative designs and technologies.


An innovative idea by designer Samuel Codegoni results in “Joyo”, a new kind of table lamp with three functions in a single article: illumination, USB device charging and valet tray.


The Stone multifunctional light, a multipurpose lamp with perfect simplicity, which is inspired by the soft, ancestral shapes of smoothed stones. Its designer, Enrico Cesana, pens a project that uses nature as a starting point for combining form and technology.


The Sforzin Illuminazione brand broadens its collaboration to include 12 light designers so it can place increasing emphasis on the quest for creative solutions. Thanks to these contributions and to strategic business decisions, the Sforzin Illuminazione brand expands its market to an increasingly greater extent. Today, the Sforzin Illuminazione brand is distributed in more than 35 countries, and the company participates in major international exhibitions devoted to design, where it showcases new products with superior quality and appearance every season.

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